Redemption Songs: Annie Wright

Redemption Songs: Annie Wright
Library Shelf Location 34.WRIG
Publication Date 2003
Description Annie Wright's Redemption Songs is a long-awaited event among the fraternity of poetry readers and workshop loyalists. Over the years she hasadded to and subtracted from a manuscript that now shines with her voice and felt phrasing. Her subjects range from Akhmatova to Kerouac to Walcott and from memory to sensory stimuli. Her poems can be formal in tone as in the string of sonnets, haiku, quatrains and tercets found here, but she is never afraid to let her hair down. Her ear for a felt line remains untarnished even when she abondons herself to ribald humour and pastiche. A virtue of this collection is its subtle deployment of humour and outrage, passion and cool recall.
ISBN 0954091345
Quantity 1
Pages 64
Author Annie Wright
Format Paperback
Publisher Arrowhead Press
Category Poetry/Verse
Keywords Feminism, Haiku
Language English

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