Relative Values: Contemporary and Historical Portrait Art

Relative Values: Contemporary and Historical Portrait Art
Library Shelf Location 17.RELA
Publication Date 1998
Description Relative values would seem to be supported by a simple premise. Contemporary artist find representational portraiture a dynamic and relevant area of activity with a clear antecedence, demonstrated in selected work from the Harris Museum & Art Gallery's collection of British art.
ISBN 187157515
Quantity 1
Pages 28
Editors James Green, John Davey
Format Paperback
Publisher Harris Museum & Art Gallery, Preston
Related Artists Natalie Turner, Alain Miller, Machiko Edmondson, Mark Fairnington, Louisa MacIver, Emma Rushton, G L Brockhurst, Arthur William Devis, Luke Fildes, Orlando Greenwood, James Gunn, William Logsdail, Patti Major, William Ross
Category Painting
Keyword Portraits
Related Gallery Harris Museum and Art Gallery, Preston
Related Curators/Producers James Green, John Davey
Language English

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