Curated by the Hang Gang

12 December 2013 - 23 March 2014
BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

RIFF/T is a two part exhibition about painting, abstraction, representation and their respective expanded fields. Divided into two sequential parts, the works presented focus upon the opposing themes of the harmonious RIFF, and discordant RIFT. Utilising a range of media that reference, mimic and push both ideas integral to painting, and the processes of painting itself, RIFF/T seeks to highlight trends, facets and approaches particular to the medium, now.

RIFF 12 December 2013 – 19 January 2014
Includes works by: Tom and Simon Bloor, Fiona Curran, Daniel Eatock, Steven Emmanuel, Johannes Evers, Nadine Feinson, Tommy Grace & Kate Owens, Albert Irvin, Islet, Ewan Jones-Morris, Peter Lamb, Andrew Maughan, Paul Merrick, Flore Nove-Josserand, Ciara Phillips, Mike Pratt, Dave Sherry, Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle. 

RIFT 24 January – 23 March 2014 
Includes works by: Simon Bedwell, Paul Chiappe, Ross Chisholm, Ruth Claxton, Julie Cockburn, Tom Ellis, Fabienne Hess, Islet and Casper White, Oliver Michaels, Shana Moulton, Abigail Reynolds, Sebastian Trend and Sarah Tulloch and loans from the Conservation department at Northumbria University. 

The Hang Gang are Matthew Hearn, Thomas Whittle and Sebastian Trend

To complement the new Hang Gang exhibition RIFF/T at BALTIC 39, an events programme will take place in Spring 2014 with Islet & Ewan Jones Morris, David Sherry, Tim Croft & James Watts, Shana Moulton, Nicola Singh, Fabienne Hess, Aaron Guy and ScartVideo.

Events include live performances at BALTIC’s project space (BALTIC 39), film screenings at Tyneside Cinema, broadcasts on basic.fm and a performance/discussion in collaboration with Pixel Palace.

The programme also features BxNU Respond,  the first in a series of responses to exhibitions and projects at BALTIC 39 by Northumbria University postgraduate students developed in collaboration with curators and BALTIC Professor, Christine Borland.

A selection of films curated by the Hang Gang, to compliment the exhibition will screen at Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle. The films expand on themes emerging from the exhibition, from the recurring motifs of RIFF to the counter realities and ruptured narratives of RIFT. Programme notes by curator Matthew Hearn will be provided for each screening. Click here for full details

Sunday 19 January 2014 / 20:00–22.30 / FREE
RIFF Closing Event
BALTIC’s project space, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Limited capacity booking essential: events@balticmill.com

Welsh sonic adventurers known for their explosive live shows present a collaborative installation in a special one off performance with filmmaker Ewan Jones Morris. Marked by the refusal to stand still, rotating between instruments, fluctuating from blistering to gentle and always fizzing with sheer enjoyment, Islet bring their signature style to the exhibition RIFF. http://isletislet.com/

David Sherry, Once more, through the eye of a needle
Exploring his own vocal repertoire David Sherry’s live performance rehearses a series of ideas asking questions of learned behaviours to counter an aspirational philosophy: What is work? What is success? What is a living? What is happiness? Interrogating the structures and formats of stand-up and ‘song’, Sherry probes the complex world of real feelings, emotions and opinions. http://www.dave-sherry.com

Thursday 6 February 2014 / 18.00–20.00 / FREE
BxNU Respond: James Watts and Tim Croft
BALTIC’s  project space, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

James Watts and Tim Croft, in a literal response to the exhibition theme, will explore privately within the RIFF exhibition space the synchronisation of riff into an unsynchronised rift. The documentation of this performance will be unharmoniously imposed on to the RIFT exhibition.

Followed by Labyrinth (Dir. Jim Henson, 1986) film screening
Tyneside Cinema Bar / 21.00 / FREE / Book online at tynesidecinema.co.uk

Thursday 20 February 2014 / 18.00-20.00 /  FREE
BxNU Respond: Nicola Singh Chasing Waterfalls
BALTIC’s project space, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
Nicola Singh will explore movement within the still image through live performance, incorporating elements of dance, textiles and print. Simulated images, the holograph or anaglyph, will be explored alongside imagery that naturally represents movement.

Followed by a selection of films by artist Shana Moulton screening at Tyneside Cinema Digital Lounge. 

Saturday 1 March 2014 / 11.45-13.30 /  FREE
RIFT Event
Trash Recovery Workshop/Performance
Fabienne Hess 
and Aaron Guy
In collaboration with Pixel Palace and basic.fm.
Tyneside Cinema Digital Lounge, Newcastle upon Tyne
Booking essential: events@balticmill.com

Tyneside Cinema’s Pixel Palace and basic.fm with the Hang Gang and BALTIC 39, co-host a workshop and discussion examining digital memory and codification with Fabienne Hess and Aaron Guy.

Fabienne Hess discusses her work which engages with found and recycled digital images from private and public computers. Participants are invited to bring their USB flash drives, SD cards or any other small data storage on which a trash recovery application will be performed. With images found via this process, a short flickering image archive will be presented at the closing of RIFT at BALTIC 39 on Sunday.

Aaron Guy will present a new work in progress which explores ideas concerning the codification of images, drawing parallels in the relationship between social coding and digital coding. Outputs from both projects will be broadcast on basic.fm and profiled on twitter.com/ibymirror 

Tune-in online at www.basic.fm or listen on your phone via the free basic.fm iTunes and Android apps, or search for basic.fm in Tunein radio’

Sunday 2 March 2014 / 17.00–19.00 / FREE
RIFT Event
ScartVideo: Mechanical modification / electronic impulses / human intuition
BALTIC’s project space, BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne
For the final day of RIFT the resulting image archive from Fabienne Hess’ Trash Recovery Performance and outcomes from Aaron Guy’s project Phase 4 will be installed at BALTIC 39.

The exhibition will close with a performance from ScartVideo. Made in real-time and without the aid of a computer, ScartVideo consists of rewired analogue video mixing and audio equipment, further compounded by two films played simultaneously. Narrated live and without predetermined outcomes ScartVideo is especially designed to be experienced live. https://scartvideo.wordpress.com/

For full film screening programme details visit baltic39.com

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