Risk Assessment: an installation project by Tom Hackett

Risk Assessment: an installation project by Tom Hackett
Library Shelf Location 18.HACK
Publication Date 2005
Abstract Tom Hackett enjoys a widely acclaimed position as a playful, dynamic and formerly succinct artist. His creative spirit of questioning extends beyond the gallery into his broader engagement with the public domain and his commitment to engage wider constituencies into the creative process. He is active in art and design eduaction and through his lecturing profile reinforces his preference for dialogue and enquiry over pedagogy. As an artist he chooses to work with the everday and commonplace to unearth and question many of the received truths that surround us, admitting to scepticism and irritation being the startpoint for much of his work.
ISBN 095347782
Quantity 1
Pages 18
Author Tom Hackett
Format Paperback
Publisher Arts Council England
Related Artist Tom Hackett
Category Installation
Language English

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