Ron Mueck

Ron Mueck
Library Shelf Location 18.MUEC
Publication Date 2008
Description This is a solo exhibition of Ron Mueck (1958 - ), whose works attract a great deal of attention, to be held for the first time in Japan. Mueck who has a career of making models for movies and TV programs makes full use of materials such as silicon and fiberglass to express a human body in precise sculpture by means of a classic casting technique. To complete his work, Mueck devotes himself completely to communicate with materials and the motif in the long thorough process of production. In the world of his work, realism showing in detail even hair and blood vessels under the skin is interwoven with the unreality of sizes that are gigantic or minimum. You might say that the world of his works is criticizing the nature of human existence in the contemporary society. The world of Mueck's works, which cross the body and the spirit, and the ordinary and the inordinary, confronts us vividly with the essential issue in art, that is, the relation between "creation" and "the nature of human existence."
ISBN 9784902943313
Quantity 1
Pages 88
Format Paperback
Publisher Foil Co Ltd
Related Artist Ron Mueck
Categories Sculpture, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keyword Realism
Related Gallery Twenty-First Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa
Artist's Nationality Australian
Languages Japanese, English

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