Ruben Ortiz Torres: Behind the Garage Funk

Ruben Ortiz Torres: Behind the Garage Funk
Library Shelf Location 18.TORR
Publication Date 2003
Description Ruben Ortiz Torres is out of control; or rather he situates himself at the borders of the controlled institutional apparatus that defines contemporary art. Like the iconoclastic lowriders that have influenced his work, Ortiz Torres promotes "rebellion, proposing outrageous reconfigurations and different ideas of how the world should look." He fuses the visual and theoretical concepts of late twentieth century art practice with the unruly visual iconography of US/Mexican hybrid culture.
ISBN 0921356250
Quantity 1
Authors Cate Rimmer, John C Welchman
Format Paperback
Publisher Charles H. Scott Gallery
Related Artist Ruben Ortiz Torres
Category Photography
Keyword Iconography
Related Gallery Charles H. Scott Gallery, Canada
Language English

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