Ryan McGinness: Studio Franchise

Ryan McGinness: Studio Franchise
Library Shelf Location 18.MCGI
Publication Date 2010
Description The Studio Franchise exhibition created by Ryan McGinness is not an exact recreation of the artist's studio but a new one created and inspired by certain guidelines of his original studio in New York. It will be in full operation during opening hours of the center and will be honored by the presence of the artist. A casting call was conducted in order find and hire Ryan McGinness clones or duplicates to serve as assistants in the studio for the duration of the exhibition. As the primary drive of Ryan’s art practice concerns itself with the creation of and (re)production of original symbols, this new Madrid studio and the assistants will serve as symbols of the artist’s New York studio and as symbols of the artist himself. Furthermore, the studio and the assistants are not reproductions of the original, rather, they are productions based on the original. This is the essence of the franchise concept—not the deployment of reproductions or duplicates, but the production of originals created within a set of acceptable pre-determined guidelines—symbols with no referent, but that exist in their own right. However, the pretended practicality of the idea behind Studio FranchiseA" is pure abstraction. Faithful to his career path, initiated in the world of graphic design, McGinness generates icons from his own present reality, debating between the need for free creativity and the need to adapt to a society in which profitability is measured in different terms. Thus, the McGinness project synthesizes his own working process in the same way that he creates logos and icons in his paintings, proposing essentially a studio, the static representation of an exhibition set-up, and the ideal of a show of recent works.
ISBN 9788496917637
Quantity 1
Pages 196
Author Paul Laster
Format Hardback
Publisher Obra Social Caja Madrid
Related Artist Ryan Mcginness
Categories Painting, Printmaking
Artist's Nationality American (USA)
Language English

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