Saara Ekström: Limbus

Saara Ekström: Limbus
Library Shelf Location 18.EKST
Publication Date 2011
Description 'Saara Ekström's solo exhibition Limbus showcases photography and video art from the past five years of her career. Using an associative approach, Ekström inscribes the border zones of the psyche, the (mis)alignment of words and their meanings and the perpetual metamorphosis of bodies and matter. The Latin word limbus denotes a state of fundamental oblivion. It can also mean the border or edge of an anatomical part, such as the inner border of the brain's cortex. In Catholic theology, it is the afterlife condition of souls excluded from the beatific vision. Says the artist: "The beautiful and the repulsive are like the two poles of a ceaselessly swinging pendulum, repelling each other just as when the like poles of a magnet are brought together. When the two are forced to collide, it summons forth a third image that is fraught with precisely the kind of conflicted tension that I want to capture in my art."'
ISBN 9789515333070
Quantity 1
Pages 151
Author Leevi Haapala
Format Hardback
Publisher Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki
Related Artist Saara Ekstrom
Categories Photography, Film and Artists' Moving Image
Language English

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