Sapphic issue 2: Lesbian/bisexual/queer zine

Sapphic issue 2: Lesbian/bisexual/queer zine
Library Shelf Location ZINE-S
Publication Date 2018

NOTE: THIS ZINE IS HELD IN BALTIC ARCHIVE NOT THE LIBRARY. Please email for an appointment or see staff

This is issue #2 of SAPPHIC - a zine by and for lesbian, bisexual, pansexual and queer women. Sapphic aims to emphasise solidarity between these groups by collecting writing and art by different WLW on identity, experiences, thoughts, and what it means to be a girl who likes girls.

This issue includes: poetry about femme self care // poetry about bisexual identity // a short story // favourite sapphic fiction and non-fiction books // supporting LGBTQ youth and the writer's own identity // queer visibility in videogames // fetishization and public harassment of WLW // several original drawings and artworks

With contributions from: Faye CW // S.G // Rebecca Jackson // Ellen MacAskill // Lizzie Masterton // Mel Reeve // Petra Szeman // Ellen Welsh (editor)

As part of BALTIC Self-Publishing Artists' Market 2018 the Women Artists of the North East Library had a one-day residency in BALTIC Library, researching the collection for records of exhibitions and projects by women artists associated with the North East. The documents found were pulled out of the collections to form a new online reading list of BALTIC Library. This also contributed to the Women Artists North East Library’s research. This book now forms part of that reading list.

Quantity 1
Editor Ellen Welsh
Format Zine
Publisher Private Press/Self-published/handmade
Categories Artists' Books, Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Feminism, Women, Women Artists of the North East Library: Reading/Viewing List, Lesbian, Queer, Bisexual, Homosexuality, Futures of Gender, The Civic Role of Arts Institutions

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