Sarah Hildebrand: Hope

Sarah Hildebrand: Hope
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Publication Date 2018

Amidst a climate of political and economic injustice in Europe, existential uncertainty and increasing isolation, hopeful prospects are distributed unevenly. Taking the human body as their departure point, three explorations shed light on ambivalences of hope in a collaboration between photographer and artist Sarah Hildebrand and social anthropologists and authors Gerhild Perl, Julia Rehsmann, and Veronika Siegl. Through photographs and narratives, they follow traces of people who exceed boundaries – physical, mental, emotional, geographic, moral, and their own – in the hope of something that, for others, is a given: children, longer life, self-determination.

Hope is the fruit of a collaboration between the artist Sarah Hildebrand and three social anthropologists from the University of Berne. Shunning sensationalist reportage, Hope, with its compelling photographs and texts, follows the trail of people who transgress borders so as to achieve a desired goal: to have a child, be to able to prolong their life or to have an autonomous existence.

The authors report sensitively on the hope for a child through the reproductive work of a foreign woman, on waiting to get on a list for a donated organ. They also follow up on the hopes of refugees lost on the high seas or dashed on Europe’s shores. A sensitive, honest and humane book.

About the artist:
Sarah Hildebrand (*1978) trained at the Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design in Geneva and the Hochschule für bildende Künste in Hamburg. Her projects aim to explore the visible or hidden circumstances defining a person or a place. Her works are shown and publicised internationally.

ISBN 9783856168605
Quantity 1
Pages 184
Authors Gerhild Perl, Julia Rehsmann, Veronika Siegl
Format Hardback
Publisher Christoph Merian Verlag
Related Artist Sarah Hildebrand
Category Photography
Keywords Anthropology, Social anthropology, Collaboration, Body (subject)

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