Sciart 2000

Sciart 2000
Library Shelf Location 31.CAMP
Publication Date 2000
Description The Sciart award scheme provides a unique opportunity for scientists and artists to research or to produce projects that reflect contemporary practice in each discipline. These partnerships involve scientists interseted in the creation of new forms of expression, artists inspired by scientists research or a combination of both. This publication gives insight into the breadth of ideas and the methodologies ued by the partnerships who received or who sought funding forn sciart. Essays by Philip Campbell, Editor of Nature, and art critic Jonathan Jones provide a context for the endeavours of interdisciplinary work in the field of art and science. Sciart is funded by the Arts Council of England, the British Council, Calouste Gulbenkien Foundation, The National Endowment for Science, Technology and Arts (NESTA), the Scottish Arts Council and the Wellcome Trust.
Quantity 1
Pages 99
Authors Philip Campbell, Jonathan Jones
Formats Paperback, Exhibition Catalogue
Publisher Sciart Consortium
Month September 2000
Categories New Media/Digital Art, Photography, Sculpture
Keywords Nature, Science
Related Country/Global Region Britain/UK
Language English

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