Scum Manifesto

Scum Manifesto
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Publication Date 2004


  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Previously published : London : Olympia Press, 1971. Originally published : London : Olympia Press, 1967.


  • The focus of this edition is not on the nostalgic appeal of SCUM. Rather, in a characteristically brilliant and erudite introduction, renowned scholar Avita Ronell reconsiders Solanas's infamous text in light of the social milieu in which it was written, and reinterprets its status as a cult classic. Ronell writes, "Maybe the Solanas tract was payback: it was clocked to strike the time of response to all shameless woman-hating manifestos and their counterparts, the universalizers." She conjures Derrida's "The Ends of Man" (written in the same year), Judith Butler's Excitable Speech, Nietzsche's Ubermensch, and the notorious feminist icons from Medusa, Medea, and Antigone, to Lizzie Borden, Lorenna Bobbitt and Aileen Wournos, illuminating the evocative exuberance of Solana's dark tract. "IsSCUM ever marches, it will be over the President's stupid, sickening face; if SCUM ever strikes, it will be in the dark with a six-inch blade..." - Valerie Solanas "Sometimes you have to scream to be heard." - Avital Ronell
  • Review: "If SCUM ever marches it will be over the President's stupid, sickening face, if SCUM ever strikes, it will be in the dark with a six-inch blade...Valerie Solanas"


  • Valerie Solanas was born in Ventor, New Jersey in 1936. She was living in Greenwich Village in New York City in 1967 when she wrote "Up Your Ass," a play, and sought out Andy Warhol to produce it. She appeared in Warhol's film "I, A Man", and then she shot him in 1968. she was inicted on charges of attempted murder, assault, and illegal possession of a gun, sent to a psychiatric hospital, and released after three years. In 1988, she died of emphysema and pnerumonia in a welfare hospital in San Francisco. Avital Ronell, a professor of German and comparative Literature and the chair of the German Department at New York University, is the author of Stupidity; Crack Wars: Literature, Addiction, Mania; Finitude's Score: Essays for the end of the Millennium; The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech; and Dictations: Unhaunted Writings


ISBN 9781859845530
Quantity 1
Pages 80 p. ; 20 cm.
Author Valerie Solanas
Format Hardback
Publisher Verso Books, London and New York
Category Philosophy
Keyword Feminism
Language English

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