Selvedge - the fabric of your life #74

Selvedge - the fabric of your life #74
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Publication Date 2016

74 WILD - Pagans, Bohemian Rebels and Revolutionaries

Jan/Feb 2017

For anyone who thinks that the topic of textiles is limited to the mill, factory and shop – this issue will prove otherwise. We travel to high altitudes and remote locations to find fibres in extreme environments. At a time when a staggering 85% of the world's clothing is made from cotton it is of upmost importance to turn to natural fibres such as cashmere and alpaca. These are fibres that protect, warm and dry their wearers in the harshest possible conditions. Through putting this issue together we learnt that observing one's environment is a key component to any lasting design – as proven by the rich, floral legacy of Josef Frank, contemporary folk costumes of Europe and Liberty's ever-influential print department. From From South Korea, via Kyrgyzstan, to Sweden we explore the fibres, prints and traditions that give textiles their global variety and brilliance.

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Publication Selvedge

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