Sergej Jensen: The Last Twenty Minutes of 2001

Sergej Jensen: The Last Twenty Minutes of 2001
Library Shelf Location 18.JENS
Publication Date 2010
Description White Cube Mason's Yard was pleased to announce 'The Last Twenty Minutes of 2001', an exhibition by the Berlin-based artist Sergej Jensen. The title of the show alludes to the visionary finale of Stanley Kubrick's '2001: A Space Odyssey' (1968), where the hero, Dave Bowman, travels through the psychedelic 'Star Gate' and 'beyond the infinite'. Jensen's new paintings invoke what the artist describes as 'floating around in a useless but essential space; an environment where 'beyond the infinite' - should you be looking for it - could equally be found in the dust on a kitchen floor'. Working with raw, painted or stained linens, bleached, stretched or sewn together, Jensen creates a unique form of abstract painting using the most economic of means. His cool palette of silvery blue, and use of uneven washes or dark muted tones evoke a futuristic ambiance or otherworldliness. In 'Untitled' or 'Aftercare' (both 2010), the canvas plane is discreetly punctured and then almost surgically stitched back together, whereas in 'Postauthentic times' strips of dark grey painted linen appear to be bandaged in a loose form of constructivism.
ISBN 9781906072353
Quantity 1
Pages 40
Format Paperback
Publisher White Cube, London
Related Artist Sergej Jensen
Categories Painting, Collage
Artist's Nationality Danish
Language English

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