Sharon Kivland: A Case of Hysteria

Sharon Kivland: A Case of Hysteria
Library Shelf Location ABC-KIVL
Publication Date 1999

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A Case of Hysteria draws on Freud’s analysis of Dora, a young woman who is brought to him by her father. Dora is suffering from repeated loss of voice and a nervous cough. Sharon Kivland has created a mystery novel about Dora, which investigates the events discussed in her analysis as clues to the unlocking of a story of love and betrayal.

The book is a critical study that rewrites one of the key texts in psychoanalysis. A Case of Hysteria reveals an illuminating picture of Dora. The writer-turned detective traces the events recounted in the analysis, following the story to Vienna, Meran and Frazenbad.

Co-published by Book Works with the University of Sheffield.

ISBN 9781870600259
Quantity 1
Pages 321 pages ; Soft cover; 230 x 174mm
Author Sharon Kivland
Format Paperback
Publishers Book Works, London, University of Sheffield
Related Artist Sharon Kivland
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books
Keywords Psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud
Language English

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