Shelf Life: The Art of Carol Bove

Shelf Life: The Art of Carol Bove
Publication Date Jan 2005
Abstract What do the following books have in common: Marcuse, Five Lectures; Celant, Arte Povera; Bachelard, The Poetics of Space; and the Kama Sutra? For one thing, they are all components of What the Trees Said, 2004, a sculpture by Carol Bove that, like a number of her others, consists of books and other small objects arranged on shelves. As disparate as the volumes' subject matter, dates, and even cultures of origin may be, their grouping immediately evokes that semimythic period known loosely as the '60s, which in Bove's reading ranges from around 1964 to 1972.
Quantity 1
Pages 162-166
Author Barry Schwabsky
Format Feature
Related Artist Carol Bove
Month January 2005
Language English
Issue Artforum - Issue XLIII No 5 - January 2005
Publication Artforum

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