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Publication Date Apr 2007
Description "Shelf Life" is the first book dedicated to the work of the contemporary photorealist artist, and former student of the Slade School of Art, Neil Gall. Working outside the usual traditions and subject matter of the genre, Gall is best known for his 'S & M sculpture paintings', which echo the disquiet of Hans Bellmer's dolls, and conjure the flotsam and jetsam of everyday life (such as duct tape, plasticine and wire) into stunted, contorted, and amputated characters. Gall's technique of 'layering' - modeling, assembly, photography, and finally, painting - reveals references to art history, from Dutch still life to Surrealism. "Shelf Life" positions Gall within these and the Photorealist traditions, with insightful written contributions and stunning reproductions of his work bringing his trompe-l'oeil oil on canvas creations to life.
ISBN 9781904772736
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Author Neil Gall
Format Hardback
Publisher Black Dog Publishing, London
Related Artist Neil Gall
Category Photography
Keywords Photorealism (fine arts style), Everyday life
Language English

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