Shizuka Yokomizo: Distance

Shizuka Yokomizo: Distance
Library Shelf Location 18.YOKO
Publication Date 2004
Description The focus of Yokomizo’s photography and video work is the gap between self and other; the ineffable space that exists between "me" and "you". The object of the artist’s scrutiny is almost always a single isolated human being, but her own presence is always also implicated in this process of re-presentation, as, subsequently, is the viewer’s. The terms of the encounter between the artist and her "participant" are meticulously constructed, and it is the nature of this relationship that defines the resulting image. Thus, in contrast to the merciless "stare" of documentary photography, Yokomizo’s images reproduce a strong sense of reciprocity, and an awareness of one’s own presence in relation to another.
ISBN 0954296419
Quantity 1
Author Tom Trevor
Format Catalogue
Publisher Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Related Artist Shizula Yokomizo
Months December 2003, January 2004, April 2004, May 2004, July 2004, August 2004
Category Photography
Related Galleries Spacex Gallery, Exeter, Site Gallery, Sheffield, Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff
Related Curator/Producer Tom Trevor
Language English

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