Shootback: Photos by kids from the Nairobi slums

Shootback: Photos by kids from the Nairobi slums
Library Shelf Location 27.WONG
Publication Date 1999
Description Photographer Lana Wong first visited Mathare, Nairobi's largest slum, in January 1995. Two years later she launched Shootback, a project that put basic point-and-shoot cameras in the hands of 32 teenage boys and girls from slum families. This work is the result: powerful images and writings plus an introductory essay by Lana which paints the backdrop for the first time visitor. The book, a collage of pictures and words, takes the reader into the slum without the mediation of the foreign photographer's eye. The photographs speak eloquently of friends, family, football fever and the harsh realities of everyday life in the slums. Like the Shootback project itself, the book is backed by the Ford Foundation, Netherlands Development Assistance (NEDA) and the Stromme Memorial Foundation (Norway)
ISBN 1861541325
Quantity 1
Pages 192
Editors Lana Wong, Runyon Hall, Karen Wong
Author Lana Wong
Format Hardcover
Publisher Booth-Clibborn Editions
Category Photography
Keywords Community, Poverty, Children
Related Countries/Global Region Kenya, Nairobi
Artist's Nationality Kenyan
Language English

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