Short Stories About Painting

Short Stories About Painting
Library Shelf Location 08.ARTS
Publication Date 2005
Description Short Stories about Painting comes after some desperate years when painting has yet again been put through the wringer. There is, however, cause to be optimistic. Serious painters, finding themselves out on a limb, have continued to paint, and in the process appear yet again to be broadening the frontiers of what painting can and must do, to retain its voice in the contemporary world. The exhibition component of the project focuses on the work of six artists who embrace some of the diversity and complexity of painting today: Simon Callery, Louise Cattrell, Jeffrey Dennis, Tim Renshaw, Merlin James and Virginia Verran. This publication and accompanying DVD, are concerned with what the painters do, rather than try to explain why artists paint or what the paintings mean. And by offering this glimpse into the inventive ways that painters develop ideas and handle their materials, maybe artist and audience will be brought a little closer together, or perhaps it will merely compound the mystery.
ISBN 095496232X
Quantity 1
Pages 118
Author Michael Richardson
Formats CD, Paperback
Publisher Art Space Gallery, London
Related Artists Simon Callery, Merlin James, Virginia Verran, Tim Renshaw, Louise Cattrell
Category Painting
Related Gallery Art Space Gallery, London
Language English

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