25 JANUARY 2003 - 23 APRIL 2003

During the 1970s and 80s, Icelandic artist Sigurdur Gudmundsson made a remarkable series of photographs documenting his temporary actions and interventions in the world around him. In this exhibition, the first solo presentation of Gudmundsson’s work in the UK, a selection of these poetic, often humorous photographs, called Situations, will be shown alongside some of his more recent sculptures.

Fabricated in bronze, steel, lacquer and granite, the sculptures from the Art, Meaning and Love series replicate the familiar form of chocolate-box sweets that have been enlarged to an unfamiliar and surprising scale, whilst in The Ten, a work in porcelain, the artist has written out, in full, the words of the The Ten Commandments. The work will be hung in a delicate arrangement on the gallery wall.

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