Skullture: Skulls in Contemporary Visual Culture

Skullture: Skulls in Contemporary Visual Culture
Library Shelf Location 06.SKUL
Publication Date 2015

Simultaneously frightening and familiar, the image of the skull is the closest thinghuman civilization has ever seen to a universal aesthetic totem. Although the power of its iconic form originates from its association with death, it has come to represent so much more. Skullture takes a comprehensive approach while examining this phenomenon, taking into account both visual and conceptual considerations of the skull throughout history. The book explores the connections of Aztec religious iconography to Damien Hirst and the Ramones to Eighteenth Century funerary practices without ever losing sight of the fact, that while fashion changes, the visual staying power of the human skull carries on. Skullture presents different aesthetic uses of the skull as well as its various cultural resonances through myriad disciplines of art design and fashion. The list of more than 70 contributors includes; Emilio Garcia, Lucy Hardie, Haroshi, Dionne Marshall, Alexandre Orion, Jim Skull, Ian Strange, Didier Ra, Vhils and Yohji Yamamoto.

ISBN 9781584236139
Quantity 1
Pages 216
Author Luca Bendandi
Format Hardback
Publisher Gingko Press
Category Art by Subject
Keyword Skulls
Language English

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