Snejanka Mihaylova: Theatre of Thought

Snejanka Mihaylova: Theatre of Thought
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Publication Date 2013

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“Theatre of Thought ” measures the possibility of a theatre based on languages in state of trans, from which emerges its own paradox of representation and the opening to a language-in-between. The author is a philosopher in her background and a performing artist. She proposes this highly original work as a performance-in-a-form-of-a-book or as a-book-in-a-form-of-a-performance.

This is the first publication of the Critique & Humanism collection “One Day I Discovered To My Own Great Astonishement”, dedicated to the relation between theoretical thinking and performing arts. The name of the series is an homage to Sigmund Freud’s ‘Interpretation of Dreams’.

Design by Céline Wouters

Published by Critique & Humanism, Sofia

Edition of 1000

ISBN 9789545871559
Quantity 1
Pages 160
Author Snejanka Mihaylova
Format Paperback
Publisher CRITIQUE & HUMANISM Publishing House
Related Artist Snejanka Mihaylova
Categories BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment), Artists' Books, Philosophy
Language English

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