Soon: At Het Consortium Amsterdam

Soon: At Het Consortium Amsterdam
Library Shelf Location 17.SOON
Publication Date 1998
Abstract The world can be remade in a biscuit tin, galaxies be fashioned of string and paper, the city replanned in its map. You know where you are with a map, it will get you from A to B, unless A is B, and map a perpetual replication of the same streets, a map you can never leave - you will never be lost, you will be lost forever. The idea of escape is a thing in itself independent of the fact or possibility of escape. And if art is the incarnation of objects of the imagination, it too is a leap of faith, like the idea of escape. 'Soon' is about time, is about escaping the 20th century. The art in 'Soon' is imbued with a sense of transience.
Quantity 1
Pages 40
Author Dermot O'Brien
Format Paperback
Publisher Arts Council England
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Category Installation
Language English

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