Sora Kim

Melting Alaska

14 February 2007 - 29 April 2007

Korean artist Sora Kim creates new experiences of everyday occurrences. Through gentle interventions Kim engages with local communities and encourages audience involvement. In her project for BALTIC, the artist explored the possibilities of translating personal stories from visitors into a project for the Café Bar.

Visitors to BALTIC answered a questionnaire about their personal histories, for instance their first kiss, tastes, favourite places and smells. These were interpreted and translated by a number of local chefs into recipes during menu testing workshops. Following this, five menus incorporating eleven dishes were devised. Kim has transformed the ambience and aesthetics of the Café Bar by installing newly designed tables, whilst chairs and plates were sourced from local restaurants.

Quotes from the questionnaires are on display and favourite love songs chosen by participants provide a soundtrack during the exhibition. Melting Alaska creates a new atmosphere for BALTIC Café Bar where visitors are encouraged to relax, communicate and interact with the project, as well as each other.

With special thanks to Catherine Trillo, Fern Avenue Antiques, Newcastle upon Tyne

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