Source: the photographic review - Issue 85 - Spring 2016

Source: the photographic review - Issue 85 - Spring 2016
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Publication Date 2016

The Spring 2016 issue of Source is about photography and sound recording. They are media with similar documentary traditions as can be seen in a joint interview with wildlife photographer David Tipling and nature sound recordist Peter Toll.

Photographs are thought of as silent but the moment a picture is made is signalled by an audible 'click' and, as David Bate and David Campany discuss, this can either reassure the hearer that the photograph has been taken or create a paranoid sense of being the subject of someone else's photographs.

Since the time of the Victorian musical photo album, sounds have added another layer to the experience of viewing photographs, as is discussed by Eve Forrest, writing about the 1980s LPs that make up the 'Photographers' gallery of music and sound'. Today, there are an increasing number of collaborations between musicians, sound recordists and photographers that have led to photographic books that are packaged together with records or CDs: these have been surveyed by Aimee Mollaghan.

This issue includes portfolios of work by Joséphine Michel who has been photographing birds as sound emitting objects, Jez riley French whose photographs are designed as 'scores for listening' and Paul Gaffney whose work is a direct response to a piece of music.

To coincide with the magazine a season of films and interviews will be published during March and April (see below). Keep up to date with the season on Facebook and Twitter, where we will also be focussing on sound recordists whose work has relevance to photographers.

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