Source: the photographic review - Issue 91- Autumn 2017

Source: the photographic review - Issue 91- Autumn 2017
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In 2007 Source started a website called Graduate Photography Online. The site brought together work from different degree courses and, as it was added to each year, created an archive of students' work. As the number of students increased we asked curators, editors and other industry figures to make selections from the work with these recommendations acting as an introduction to each year's graduates. For example, looking through the MA work this year are Thomas Dukes the curator at Open Eye Gallery, Anna Sparham, curator at the Museum of London and Magnum photographer Olivia Arthur.

The site grew and now, a decade on, it includes 4,879 graduate projects. It provides a fascinating overview of recent photography in the UK and Ireland. It shows the distinctive character of different courses. It is possible to pick out the early work of well know photographers and spot trends in subject matter and style.

We have published some work that has appeared on Graduate Photography Online but we thought that, ten years on, we should look back and see what stood out with the benefit of hindsight. Looking through everything on the site, we drew up a long list of 150 students' work and then shorted-listed ten photographers, one from each year, whose graduate project we haven't featured previously. That shortlist is the work we are publishing in this issue. In an accompanying essay Jesse Alexander examines what students have and haven't been photographing and how representative these stand-out projects are.

Lastly, we wanted to address the perennial question of what studying photography is for. Lucy Soutter, who has recently become the course leader of the Photography Arts MA at the University of Westminster, has asked why someone might (or might not) do an MA, how they could benefit from such a course and what approach they should take to get the most out of it. Jonathan Watts has thought about the continuing relevance of photography theory. Is it an outdated vestige of the 1980s or a still vital part of photography education?


  • News
  • A Decade of Graduate Photography - Jesse Alexander
  • Fragile Democracy - Salome Oggenfuss
  • The Untitled - Laura Pannack
  • Unknown Devices - David Penny
  • Should I Do a Photography MA? - Lucy Soutter
  • A Land of the Living Past - Chiara Tocci
  • Where is Benjamin Ivan? - Samuel Cunnane
  • Strange Birds - Gemma Marmalade
  • The Time of Dreaming the World Awake - Yvette Monahan
  • What is Photography Theory For? -Jonathan Watts
  • The Unforgetting - Peter Watkins
  • Duelos y Quebrantos - Sebastian Bruno
  • Now Here - Tom Hatton
  • Reviews:
  • Exhibition Reviews:
  • A Handful of Dust Whitechapel Gallery 7 June - 3 September
  • Collected Shadows: The Archive of Modern Conflict Void, Derry 12 August - 7 October
  • Cathedral of Pines Gregory Crewdson Photographers' Gallery 23 June - 8 October
  • A Perfect Chemistry Hill and Adamson Scottish National Portrait Gallery 27 May - 1 October
  • Field Work: Ten Years of Photography Liza Dracup Impressions Gallery 7 July - 23 September
  • Book Reviews:
  • Feast for the Eyes: The Story of Food in Photography Susan Bright Aperture ISBN: 978-1-59711-361-8 304 pages £45.00
  • Visual Feast Contemporary Food Staging and Photography Gestalten ISBN: 978-3-89955-647-6 240 pages £40.00
  • Photography and Germany Andrés Mario Zervigón Reaktion ISBN: 9781780237480 224 pages £19.95
  • Photography After Photography: Gender, Genre, History Abigail Solomon-Godeau, Duke University Press ISBN: 978-0-8223-6266-1 288 pages £20.99
  • Candy / A Good and Spacious Land Jim Goldberg / Donovan Wylie Christopher Klatell, Laura Wexler, Pamela Franks Yale University Press ISBN: 978-0-300-22299-9 372 pages £80.00
  • Short Book Reviews:
  • Ornithology Arjan de Nooy, Anne Geene Publisher De Hef ISBN 9789069060491 336 pages £35.00
  • The Still Point of the Turning World David Campany, Joachim Naudts Elviera Velghe Kehrer ISBN: 978-3-86828-824-7 256 pages €35.00
  • Sorry for Damage Done Vincent Wittenberg, Wladimir Manshanden The Eriskay Connection ISBN: 978-94-92051-26-4 352 pages s25.00
  • The Theater of War Roman Ehrlich, Michael Disqué Spector Books ISBN: 9783959051491 120 pages €28.00
  • Island of the Colorblind Sanne De Wilde Kehrer ISBN: 978-3-86828-826-1 160 pages €49.90
  • Being transported and rapt in secret studies Margareta Bergman Multipress ISBN: 978-82-92224-32-8 200 pages €32.00
  • Self Published Books:
  • Enfants (three volumes) Le Règne de Bébé Les Petites Filles Modèles. Sharon Kivland £5.00 each
  • People Reading Volumes 1-5 Simon Robinson £5.00 each (£22.00 together)
  • In Situ Bertus Gerssen €27.50
  • Notes on Hydraulic Fracturing Louise Oates £16.00
  • The Road to Asda Martin Garwood £12.00
  • Beyond Here is Nothing Laura El-Tantawy £200.00
  • Where Does the White Go Piergiorgio Casotti £31.00
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