Space, Hope and Brutalism: English Architecture, 1945 - 1975

Space, Hope and Brutalism: English Architecture, 1945 - 1975
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Publication Date 2015

This is the first major book to study English architecture between 1945 and 1975 in its entirety. Challenging previous scholarship on the subject and uncovering vast amounts of new material at the boundaries between architectural and social history, Elain Harwood structures the book around building types to reveal why the architecture takes the form it does. Buildings of all budgets and styles are examined, from major universities to the modest cafe. The book is illustrated with stunning new photography that reveals the logic, aspirations, and beauty of hundreds of buildings throughout England, at the point where many are disappearing or are being mutilated. Space, Hope, and Brutalism offers a convincing and lively overview of a subject and period that fascinates younger scholars and appeals to those who were witnesses to this history.

ISBN 9780300204469
Quantity 1
Pages 736 pages: 286 x 241 x 53mm
Author Elain Harwood
Format Hardback
Publisher Yale University Press
Category Architecture (category)
Keywords Brutalism, Post-war
Related Country/Global Region England
Language English

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