Spank the Monkey: Archive Research File

Spank the Monkey: Archive Research File
Archive Shelf Location 24/17.SPAN
Publication Date 2006

A file containing articles relating to the Spank the Monkey exhibition at BALTIC 'In from the cold' by Clare Clayton in Culture Magazine, September 2006, p34,35 '(No) portrait of the artist' by David Whetstone in Journal Culture, Oct 2006, p9 [Banksy] 'Text net lets you grab Monkey's trail', Journal (Newcastle), 13 Nov 2006, p21 'Artist's work at the Baltic', Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 26 Oct 2006, p7 [Banksy] 'Pick of the week', Guardian Guide, 28 Oct - 3 Nov 2006, p38 (STM listed 2nd) 'Pick of the week', Guardian Guide, 21 Oct - 27 Oct 2006, p31 (STM listed 3rd) and again on 14 Oct - 20 Oct 2006 (3rd place) 'Phone message to city from Banksy' in Newcastle Journal, 26 Oct 2006, p9 'Street art crumples' Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 31 Oct 2006, p21 [Banksy] 'Urban Myths - Baltic's 'rebels' aren't all they're cracked up to be', Sunday Times, p10-11 'A spankingly good display' , Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 27 Sept 2006, p7 'Top art hits the streets' Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 27 Sept 2006, p14 'Spraypainting by numbers', The Observer, 1 Oct 2006, p21 'Art review, Spank the Monkey', Metro, 5 Oct 2006 page24 (5 stars) 'Art - Spank the Monkey, Metro, 18 Oct 2006, p21 'Artists who have a message to spray', The Journal (Newcastle) 27 Sept 2006, p18-19 'Monkey art is inappropriate', 'Evening Chronicle, date? page? 'Spot the artwork', Evening Chronicle, 28 Sept 2006, front and p8&9 'Works we've not taken to our art', 12 Oct 2006 (mentions STM but is really a grumble about public art in general, p6 'Space Invaders bring colour to city streets', The Journal (Newcastle), 31 July 2006, p7 (Invader) 'Don't clean off that graffiti - it's an art installation', The Times, 29 Sept 2006, p38 'Spank the Monkey' at the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art' Art Knowledge News, Sept 2006 'Watch this space for invaders', The Journal (Newcastle), 25 Sept 2006, p18 'Street scene', Aesthetica, Nov/Dec/Jan 2006/7, p28-31 'Driver's protest wipes Metro art, Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 21 Oct 2006, p9 'Gallery will have a treat for gamers' by Linda Richards in Evening Chronicle, 4 Nov 2006, p8 'More artwork for the Metro' by Sophie Doughty in Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 27 Nov 2006, p12 'News' in Arts Professional, 20 November 2006, p3 'Metro artwork spans the decades with urban images' (Neasden Control Centre) in The Journal (Newcastle), 9 December 2006, p32 'Wall gets a show of its own' (Neasden Control Centre) in The Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 9 December 2006, p32 'Artwork takes Metro Station into Space Age', Newcastle Herald and Post, 13 December 2006, p1 'Exhibitions on street art don't happen at major British galleries' by Guy Bird (in conversation with Peter Doroshenko) in Blueprint, January 2007, p24 'Exhibitions - Spank the Monkey and Keith Haring' by Guy Bird in Blueprint, January 2007, p78 'Arcade Project' (Space Invader) ArtForum January 2007, p55,56 'Metro system takes graffiti to its art' by Rob Kennedy in Evening Chronicle, 10 January 2006, p32 'Pick of the Week' in Guardian Guide 'Metro scrubs out controversial art - Graffiti exhibition had mixed reactions from passengers' by Helen Rae in Evening Chronicle, 31 January 2007, p21 Articles specifically on Kozyndan's work/Playstation Season 'It's fight-tyne', Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 2 Nov 2006, p24 'Game on: Sony's new PlayStation is snapped up by black marketeers as it finally hits the streets in Japan', The Times, 11 Nov 2006, p10,11 'Gallery will have a treat for gamers', Evening Chronicle (Newcastle), 4 Nov 2006, p8 'Ootside! Yeandme!', The Crack, Nov 2006, p13 & Journal Culture Magazine, Nov 2006, p14 (advert) 'Monkey wrench', Northern Echo (Review), 16 Nov 2006, p3 'Tyneside art set to light up lives', Evening Chronicle, 18 Dec 2006, p12 'Think of a Number, double it' by James Barton in The Journal, 6th June 2007 Related recent graffiti coverage 'Graffiti vandal's Oz connections', Evening Chronicle, 23 March 2006, p10 'City bridge may be graffiti news site' The Journal, 12 June 2007, p14 'Provide legal graffiti place', Evening Chronicle, 17 June 2006, p16 (letter) 'My sexy stencil', Metro, 22 June 2006, p3 (Banksy) 'Caught on camera', Evening Chronicle, 30 June 2006, p11 'Graffiti site search provokes anger', Evening Chronicle, 1 July 2006, p2 'Summer school teaches graffiti', Evening Chronicle, 27 July 2006 'Apathy, inertia and graffiti that must be cleaned from our streets', The Journal, 14 Aug 2006 'Residents fear graffiti vandas are out of control', 14 Aug 2006, p13 'Four held over graffiti vandalism', Evening Chronicle, 25 August 2006, 'The story of a wall', The Guardian Weekend, 30 Sept 2006, p38-45 (graffiti artists in Grimsby Street, East London) 'Exhibition Inch', Evening Chronicle, 6 Oct 2006, p5 'Keeping an eye on young talent' by Chloe Griffiths in Evening Chronicle, 28 December 2007, p22 'An art attack: Metro vandals take the early morning spray train' by Paul McMillan in Evening Chronicle, 1 January 2007 'Is the writing on the wall for the graffiti guerrilla?' Telegraph, 5 February 2007 'Exploring the art of aerosols' by Chloe Griffitsh in Journal, 22 February 2007, p24 'Youngsters'subway mural inspired by Olympics' Journal, 23 February 2007, p4 'Graffiti vandal who has cost taxpayers thousands sells his work for £200 a time' Evening Chronicle, 24 February 2007, p7 'The huge cost of clearing graffiti - clean up bill for the North East hits £1.3m' by Adam Jupp and Peter Young in Evening Chronicle, 16 April 2007, p6 Articles relating to the Street Art exhibition at the Tate Modern 'Culture swap' by Yolanda Zappaterra, Design Week, 22 May 2008, pp18-19 'Graffiti on the gallery' by Morgan Falconer, The Times (The Knowledge), 17 May 2008, p30 'Urban art work to go to Tate Modern' News Guardian (web), 7 May 2008 'Metro artists move to Tate Modern', Worksop Guardian(web), 25 April 2008 'Metro artists move to Tate Modern', Burnley Express (web),Scarborough Evening News (web),Sunderland Echo (web),Buckingham Today (web),Sheffield Star (web),Shields Gazette (web),Buxton Today (web), PA News Wire.All 24 April 2008, Spank the Monkey pack (given out at preview) [6] Ryan McGinness wrapping paper [1] David Shrigley 'You cannot help looking at this' stickers [6] Groovisions 'Chappie' stickers [6] Spank the Monkey logo stickers [5] Chiho Aoshima - Flyer for London Underground [1] Spank Me - postcard [1] Invader stickers - 01 point - 1 sheet with 6 stickers (rest used by invader [1] 2 photos of a skater using the Groovevisions skate ramp on Level 4 (unknown photographer - donated to a member of crew by a visitor)

Quantity 1
Format Press Articles
Months March 2006, June 2006, July 2006, August 2006, September 2006, October 2006, November 2006, December 2006, January 2007
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Related Event Spank the Monkey (27 September 2006 - 7 January 2007)
Related Gallery BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curator/Producer Pedro Alonzo
Language English

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