SPECTRUM: Almanac 01

SPECTRUM: Almanac 01
Library Shelf Location 17.SPEC
Publication Date 2011
Description SPECTRUM is a group of emerging artists in Newcastle upon Tyne. They recently organised a publication entiltled SPECTRUM almanac. The publication brings together the writing of John Beagles, Cathy Lomax, Hugh Dichmont, Rory Bidulph and Paulette Terry-Brian. The SPECTRUM almanac, edited by Matthew Hearn, has the intention of raising critical dialogue within the SPECTRUM collective and contemporary arts in Newcastle. The SPECTRUM almanac will be an annual publication bringing writers form outside the North East to meet a fresh collective of artists practicing within Newcastle and the surrounding area. An exhibition, SPECTRUM: WHITTLEHOGARTHPRATTTREND, was held at NewBridge Space in May. The exhibition, curated by Matthew Hearn investigated the collective’s work and the over-lapping similarities. Themes of colour, failure, auto-destruction, and the photographic image dominated the artist’s investigations. The SPECTRUM almanac we will be available to buy as of June 2011 for £4 in various galleries and shops around the UK. SPECTRUM is supported by Turning Point North East, the Arts Council England and NewBridge Project. For more information contact:
Quantity 1
Pages 20
Editor Matthew Hearn
Authors Hugh Dichmont, Rory Bidulph, Paulette Terry-Brian, John Beagles, Cathy Lomax
Format Paperback
Publisher SPECTRUM
Related Artists Adam Hogarth, Mike Pratt, Sebastian Trend, Thomas Whittle
Category Group Exhibition/Multiple Artists
Language English

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