Spike Art Quarterly - 50 - Winter 2017

Spike Art Quarterly - 50 - Winter 2017
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Publication Date Dec 2016

Spike 50 is all about the family: as structure, model, metaphor, as place of origin and point of no return. Do we need to save the family, or to destroy it? Do lines of descent still make sense for artists, or have networks taken their place? From the queer family to the nuclear family, from the commune to neopatriarchy, it lives on in many forms – even in the family of an art magazine.

With contributions by Bruce Hainley, Dominikus Müller, Alison M. Gingeras, Dean Kissick, Michael Hardt, Nina Power, Nicolaus Schafhausen, Aki Sasamoto, Aaron Moulton, Daniel Baumann, Felix Bernstein, Jamieson Webster und Chiara Bottici, and many more.

Quantity 1
Format Magazine
Languages English, German
Publication Spike Art Quarterly

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