Stay Home Stay Queer by Melody Sproates & pals

Stay Home Stay Queer by Melody Sproates & pals
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Publication Date May 2020

Stay Home Stay Queer by Melody Sproates & pals (2020)

A new project curated by trans / non-binary theatre maker & facilitator, Melody Sproates. With thanks to iAMi Creative, Updog art, Curious Arts, Sail Creative, The Arts Council England and The Culture Vulture. 

Stay home, stay queer is a free downloadable resource pack full of helpful websites for LGBTQIA+ mental health, pride themed craft activities, interactive elements, queer colouring in and tips on how you can celebrate your identity in small and quiet ways.  It is made for self isolating young (and older) LGBTQIA+ people, who may currently be living in unaccepting homes due to self isolation, who may have had to go back in the closet, unable to fully express themselves or are feeling distant from their identities due to the current climate. 

The resource is designed by iAMi Creative and features LGBTQIA+ positive art from upcoming illustrator Updog art aka Sam Atkinson. It also features written tips, wisdom, activities and isolation experiences from Melody's own personal queer icons; Lee Mattinson, Phil Douglas, Zoë Murtagh, Jan-Willem Van Den Bosch, Ged, Merlin Mee, Ellie Lowther, Sail Creative, Mandy Barker and dandyscopic aka J G Tansley.

Read more at Curious Arts and download your own copy here.

Stay home, stay queer also has more to come -  Follow Melody to keep up to date:

Insta: @melodygroovysproates
FB Page: @melodysproatesperformer
Twitter: @grohllikeatroll

Graphic credits by iAMi Creative, Insta @iamicreative Facebook: iAMicreative

Black & White illustration by Sam Atkinson. Insta: (art) @updog (main)


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Pages 30
Formats Digital Zine, PDF File
Related Artist Melody Sproates
Category Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords COVID-19 Pandemic, Queer, Identity, LGBTQIA+, advice and guidance, Community, Solidarity, Support, Mental Health, Gender, Body (subject)

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