Steve McQueen

10 September 2008 - 23 November 2008

Steve McQueen will present two recent works that will transform BALTIC’s Level 3 gallery into an immersive and disorienting experience for the viewer. Together the two works will combine architecture and film to create a visual and aural kaleidoscope.

The exhibition brings to BALTIC recent work of one of the most powerful anddistinctive voices in contemporary art. Pursuit, which premiered at the PradaFoundation, Milan, is a large scale installation combining space, sound and projectedvideo which will dominate the Level 3 gallery space. A darkened environment ofabstract, ill-defined lights and oppressive sound creates a disorientating experiencein which the viewer attempts in vain to organise or define the nature of the images.

At the rear of the gallery in an enclosed alcove Running Thunder, 2007 is presentedas a counterpoise. The 16mm film is a resolute departure in mood and scope fromMcQueen’s other recent works, including Pursuit, 2005. To the familiar clatter of atraditional mechanical film projector, Running Thunder offers the audience theapparently static image of a supine horse.

McQueen challenges conventions of thefilm and photographic genres, through extreme economy of means and lightness oftouch.Though formally at polar extremes, the two works are united in their reflection of the fragility of life and of the human condition.Since winning the Turner Prize and being awarded the OBE in 1999, McQueen hascommanded international recognition.

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