Street Art Uncut

Street Art Uncut
Library Shelf Location 09a.LUNN
Publication Date Aug 2006
Description Street Art Uncut is a visually exciting and colourful narrative through one city's vibrant graffiti culture. This insight into Melbourne's unofficial art scene is targeted at a wider audience than just the practioners of street art. Graffiti, street art, vandalism, call it what you will is with us today, has been here for time immemorial and is not going away any time soon, and yet it is invisible to most of us unless it is on our walls or our personal property. Ferris Bueller famously told us that "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it." This book is exactly that, a pause for breath, a break in the maddening rush to work, a voyeuristic time-out to chronicle the world we otherwise often walk blindly past. Our walls and cities are covered in a plethora of artwork, some less well developed than others. This eclectic mix of colour, egoistic expressionism and sheer creativity is presented through Street Art Uncut from the eyes of a city worker looking back into the "hooded top" world of street artists. The challenge is to the reader to notice the art of the street. Street Art provides an opportunity for expression, for individual creative flair, it is quintessentially about naughty behaviour and is highly addictive to follow. One artist will develop over time, have an altercation with another individual or get caught by the police. They will change their style of work to evade capture, develop new skills and perfect new techniques. Like any artist, it is about the achievement of a perfect goal - something that is always just out of reach but always worth trying that bit harder for. The passion and the creativity of Melbourne's artists is documented through this book. Remember if you do not notice the artwork around you, you may never get to see it again. This book captures art over the period lasting from 2000 to 2005. Ninety-five percent has already disappeared.
ISBN 0975768433
Quantity 1
Pages 144
Author Matthew Lunn
Format Paperback
Publisher Craftsman House
Category Graffiti/Street Art
Related City/Region Melbourne
Related Country/Global Region Australia
Language English

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