Stuart Brisley & Maya Balcioglu: The Cenotaph Project

Stuart Brisley & Maya Balcioglu: The Cenotaph Project
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Publication Date 1991
Description in January 1987 Stuart Brisley was appointed to a six months residency at the Imperial War Museum in London. IWM collection contained a model of the Whitehall Cenotaph in a glass case. Complete with flags the model displays all the precision and intensity peculiar to architectural models. It slowly came to mind that the Cenotaph could become the subject of work. Subsequently Brisley discussed the idea with Maya Balcioglu, and as a result the project was developed on a collaborative basis. The Project For each venue, one Cenotaph model was made. At each successive venues multiplied models were shown together, in addition to the one made specifically for that presentation. The first Cenotaph model was built to be shown in a council flat in St.Cuthbert’s village in Gateshead, Newcastle. The standard ceiling height for council flats is 7’6’’. The first Cenotaph was built to the height of 7’3.5”. All subsequent models were identical in size. At this height the models are approximately 1/5 scale of the Whitehall Cenotaph. The original monument is an imposing edifice. A monolithic, hierarchic verticality, commanding and undecorated, it sits in the middle of a main road at the heart of the offices of the British government with a considerable space around it and contains no sacred relics inside. The monument stands empty. Same qualities are retained in the 1/5 representation, but when a number of these are placed together the sense of form, space, history, purpose and meaning is fractured. THE CENOTAPH BECOMES A FOUND OBJECT. The multiple scale copies of the Cenotaph are not reproductions and when brought together do not congeal to make a final statement. Purpose of the multiplicity of representation is to simultaneously activate and break through the structure, to deconstruct the edifice and make a modest proposal: The possibility of change. The Cenotaph Project seeks out breaks, slippages, spills, contradictions and vertiginous moments within predetermined ideological discourses by which we are constituted. The restlessness of deconstruction is drawn into the work as an active cultural strategy refusing to remain still. Horizontal landscaping of the Project is reflected elsewhere, where it has continually reached over, out and beyond itself connecting to dimensions located outside the framework of a limited and controlled engagement.
ISBN 090779758X
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Pages 60
Author Penelope Curtis
Format Paperback
Publisher Orchard Gallery Publications, Derry
Related Artists Stuart Brisley, Maya Balcioglu
Category Sculpture
Keywords Memorials, Wars
Language English

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