Surasi Kusolwong

Woman, Machine and Motion (Mini-Monsterbike Tiger)

5 July 2006 - 8 October 2006

BALTIC presents Surasi Kusolwong’s first solo exhibition in the UK. His work offers visitors the opportunity to become involved in an extraordinary experience. Kusolwong is a Thai artist who works in a unique way to create high-energy, lively and playful situations with a celebratory feel. He wants to encourage visitors to enjoy his exhibition by offering unexpected possibilities which break the boundaries between art and life.

Kusolwong studied in the West, he now lives in Bangkok and has exhibited all over the world. His relationship to Western modernism contains a degree of irony. Hovering between concept and design, his extended installations and performances have recalled scenes within local markets and massage parlours, creating a parody of Western expectations of Asia. Kusolwong describes the history of Western architecture, art and design with a sense of positive desire, or as he describes it, “to practice and demonstrate the way of happiness”.

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