Susan Hiller: Auras and Levitations (Second Edition)

Susan Hiller: Auras and Levitations (Second Edition)
Library Shelf Location ABC-HILL
Publication Date 2010

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Susan Hiller’s artist’s book which pays homage to two images of aspiration, fantasy and sublimation: Yves Klein’s Leap Into The Void, and Marcel Duchamp’s Portrait of Dr. R. Dumouchel. Both embrace the phantasmagorical legacy of modernist art; in the former, the shaman’s defiance of gravity, in the latter, the clairvoyant’s perception of human auras.


In her miniature book, Hiller has assembled images sourced from the internet, all paying indirect homage to these two artists’ gestures. She presents a sequence of levitations, back-to-back with a series of images of auras, so constructing an occult legacy thriving in popular culture, in which the artist’s gesture is reincarnated in the democratic medium of the internet.


Originally published 2008 - Second Edition, 2010


As part of BALTIC Self-Publishing Artists' Market 2018 the Women Artists of the North East Library had a one-day residency in BALTIC Library researching the collection for records of exhibitions and projects by women artists associated with the North East. The documents found were pulled out of the collections to form a new online reading list of BALTIC Library. This also contributed to the Women Artists North East Library’s research.

This book now forms part of that reading list.


ISBN 9781906012076
Quantity 1
Pages 160 pages; 110 x 77 mm
Format Softcover
Publisher Book Works, London
Related Artist Susan Hiller
Categories Artists' Books, BALTIC Artists' Book Collection (by appointment)
Keyword Women Artists of the North East Library: Reading/Viewing List
Language English

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