Recall: Selected Works 1969-2004

1 MAY 2004 - 18 JULY 2004

This exhibition constitutes the most wide-ranging survey of Hiller’s work in a career which now spans some 30 years. The exhibition includes a number of Hiller’s major installations, including colour projection work Magic Lantern (1987), through to more recent installations investigating paranormal powers – Wild Talents (1998) and Witness (2000) – alongside a major new audio installation, Clinic.

Clinic is a new BALTIC commission which draws on personal accounts from individuals from a wide range of cultural backgrounds who believe they have died and returned to recount ‘near death experiences’. Hiller’s interest is not in advocating or disputing the anecdotal or scientific evidence for or against the reality of these experiences, but in considering them as social facts. Clinic incorporates a remarkable archive of vivid stories from many individuals, which are metaphors, misperceptions, myths, delusions or the truth.

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