Over the course of two decades, Turner Prize-winning artist Susan Philipsz has experimented with the relationship between sound and architecture. Often choosing the human voice as her primary medium, Philipsz is especially interested in the emotive and psychological properties of sound and how it can alter individual consciousness.

For BALTIC’s Level 4 gallery Philipsz will stage the presentation of new work, A Single Voice 2017. An adaptation of Karl-Birger Blomdahl’s opera Aniara 1959, the narrative follows a group of colonists who leave a doomed planet Earth behind to set up a new life on Mars. An accident occurs during their journey and the passengers of the craft are left to float eternally in space. In Philipsz' installation, a large film projection combined with the sculptural arrangement of 12 speakers act as an intimate meditation on themes of distance, separation and isolation.The exhibition also includes Ziggy Stardust 2001, a haunting a cappella rendition of David Bowie’s extraordinary 1972 studio album.

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