Susie MacMurray: The Eyes of the Skin

Susie MacMurray: The Eyes of the Skin
Library Shelf Location 18.MACM
Publication Date 2011
Description Agnew’s is delighted to announce the first ever solo show of artist Susie MacMurray on display at the gallery from 9 November – 2 December, which coincides with her inclusion in the Victoria and Albert Museum’s exhibition The Power of Making. With many of her previous works being site-specific installations, this exhibition presents a unique opportunity to see a variety of her new drawings, sculptures and installations in one location. For this show MacMurray continues her artistic alchemy, reforming the banal – hairnets, balloons, wires and cling film – into the graceful, ephemeral and opulent. In this way her work is grounded in Dada and Surrealist traditions and although many of her works are, on first inspection, pretty in appearance, they harbour ambiguous and sinister undertones. Her use of materials is provocative and perturbing, at once luxuriant and frugal, tactile and brittle. A bridal gown is ironically constructed out of thousands of household gloves in a kind of cautionary tale about domestic reality. Each glove is turned inside out to reveal its pale downy interior, like flayed skin, they are testament to the vulnerability of humankind. At the other end of the spectrum, household clingfilm is tightly moulded and wrapped into shining, silken cocoons. Though disparate in their appearance, each work in this exhibition is linked by its evocation of the body or the bodily, and it is this visceral quality which is alternately seductive and repulsive. In Oracle rubber dairy hose appears to grow out of the wall like veins or hair. In Maiden proximity to the body is literal – delicate loops of real hair are tipped with fish hooks. What all of the works in this show seem to point to is bodily trauma and they do so in a repetitive and obsessive way like licking a wound, comparable to Louise Bourgeois.
ISBN 9780957067905
Quantity 1
Pages 48
Format Paperback
Publisher Agnew's Gallery, London
Related Artist Susie MacMurray
Categories Installation, Sculpture
Keyword Site-specific works
Language English

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