Susie Rumsby: A Manual of Book-binding

Susie Rumsby: A Manual of Book-binding
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Publication Date Jan 2019

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A Manual of Book-Binding: For Newbies & Intermediaries

"Bookbinding is a tremendously useful skill set to have. Whatever your creative practice, bookbinding can fit in there somewhere. As a printmaker, I've used my bookbinding skills to gather together proof prints into books, make limited edition portfolio books of a print series, or just make sketchbooks to the exact dimension, and using the exact paper types, that I like to use.

Bookbinding can be very practical, following in the tradition of master bookbinders making beautiful and painstaking volumes and following centuries-old methods. It can also vnture in the direction of Book Arts, a field of creativity where the content of the book and the method of its construction complement each other conceptually, sometimes arriving at an end result that's closer to sculpture than a recognisable book.

I would recommend picking up some tried and tested ways of making books (some of which are covered here) and then figuring out ways that they suit the books that you want to make. You can even alter the recipe: changing up the materials, the stich or the format to make a new book hitherto unkown to bookbinding science. You will find that certain techniques and ways of using the tools recur between types of book; to build up your skill library, I might recommend working through the contents of this manual in order" - Susie rumsby

Also includes a list of bookbinding suppliers.

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Keywords book binding, bookmaking, book art, Artistic process, Book design

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