Svenja Deininger: Two Thoughts

Svenja Deininger: Two Thoughts
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Publication Date 30 Sep 2020

The volume documents the artistic project conceived by the painter Svenja Deininger (Vienna, 1974) for the Maramotti Collection of Reggio Emilia. It's a cycle of pictorial works inspired by the work of the Polish artist W adys aw Strzeminski, protagonist of the historical avant-garde of the 1920s, of which four paintings of the Muzeum Sztuki of Lódz are documented: in her work, although far from the historical and theoretical point of view, Svenja Deininger recognises an unexpected formal affinity and a common deep research on the essence of vision and painting.

The compositions of lines and colours of the Austrian artist refer to an abstract dimension, but her imagination draws on a reality of concrete forms and objects, which are transposed and hybridised on the canvas. The flat appearance of the surface of the works is often disrupted by a careful observation which reveals different levels of depth and texture, which the artist obtained by mixing plaster, marble powder or glue with oil colours.

ISBN 9788836646319
Quantity 1
Pages 96
Editor Sergio Di Stefano
Format Hardback
Publisher Silvana
Category Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team)
Keywords Avant-garde, Abstract painting
Languages English, Italian

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