SWIRL: Overcoming Overthinking

SWIRL: Overcoming Overthinking
Library Shelf Location ZINE-S
Publication Date 2018

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An uncomplicated, empowering guide to managing worry and rumination.

Swirl is a stylised booklet, designed by award-winning creatives, to provide straightforward wisdom from mental health professionals.

The content was reviewed and discussed with principal clinical psychologists, mental health nurses, occupational therapists, service users and mental health advocates both in the US and UK.

The illustrations were created by Nate Kitch, an award-winning illustrator with regular work in The Guardian, New York Times, and Harper’s Magazine, whilst the booklet and logo were designed by award-winning design agency Studio Moross, who have created iconic work for the likes of MTV, Sam Smith, Ray-Ban and One Direction. Gina Yu, a creative director based in Atlanta, USA, provided editorial and creative direction.

Designed to attract those who shun unnecessarily long self-help guides and striking enough to be a coffee-table book, Swirl is something you can grab at three in the morning when your mind is swirling with thoughts, or flick through during your commute to help set up a positive mind-set.

The Swirl project has been put together by Andy Walton, a Community Mental Health Nurse, based in North East England.

Quantity 2
Pages A5, 20 pages.
Author Andy Walton
Formats Zine, A5 booklet
Publisher Ex Why Zed
Related Artist Nate Kitch
Categories Artists' Books, Zine Collection (by appointment)
Keywords Mental Health, Care
Language English

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