SWITCH: Selected by Phyllida Barlow

Publication Date Apr 2012

6 APRIL - 24 JUNE 2012 at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne

The inaugural exhibition at BALTIC 39, featuring the work of 13 artists working in the UK, opened to the public on Friday 6 April 2012.

SWITCH, selected by internationally renowned artist Phyllida Barlow, is the opening exhibition at BALTIC 39, a new hub for contemporary art located on High Bridge in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. The exhibition features 13 artists based in London and will open to the public on Friday 6 April 2012.

SWITCH builds upon What do artists do?, a time-based project organised by Barlow in 2008 that examined the notion of change in artistic practice and the role of the exhibition. The exhibition at BALTIC 39 explores further the processes an artist navigates in the act of making and prioritises such moments over any completed object or final outcome. The disparate practices presented, spanning performance, sculpture, drawing, photography and film-making, will be shown, and often made or modified, in a setting that demands the re-consideration of an artwork’s centre.

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Related Artists Roy Voss, Brighid Lowe, Anna Barham, Jason Dungan, Elliot Dodd, Steffen Levring, Iain Hales, Sophie Michael, Luke McCreadie, Fabian Peake, Florence Peake
Related Galleries BALTIC’s project space at BALTIC 39, Newcastle upon Tyne, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art
Related Curator/Producer Phyllida Barlow

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