Tacita Dean: Berlin Works

Tacita Dean: Berlin Works
Library Shelf Location 18.DEAN
Publication Date Oct 2005
Description Born in 1965 in Canterbury, Tacita Dean trained at Falmouth College of Arts and the Slade School of Art. A leading artist of her generation Dean makes films, prints and drawings and this publication will highlight recent projects as well as key works drawn from the Tate Collection. Fascinated with the medium of film for its close relationship to the passing of time, Dean explores the possibilities it presents in the construction of narratives. Having an affinity with nature, her themes often consider our instinctive and psychological responses to elemental forces. For example her preoccupation with the sea as something unfathomably vast, yet traversed over centuries by explores, has prompted a series of works intuiting the emotional histories of certain key figures such as Donald Crowhurst, the failed transglobal mariner. More recent films have begun to feature people. Fernsehturm, for instance, was filmed in the revolving Television Tower in former East Berlin as the sun was setting over the city horizon. Latterly Dean has completed a series of films in which she explores the physiognomies, movements and memories of elderly men. These include the late Mario Merz (Italian Arte Povera Artist, 1925-2003), a family friend called 'Boots' and two uncles from her remarkable family, which provided the first two creative directors (in Basil Dean and Michael Balcon) of Ealing Studios.
ISBN 1854376284
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Pages 48
Author Sean Rainbird
Formats DVD, Paperback
Publisher Tate Publishing
Related Artist Tacita Dean
Categories Photography, Artist (relating to a single artist/collaborative team), Film and Artists' Moving Image
Keyword Narrative
Related City/Region Berlin
Artist's Nationality British/UK
Language English

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