Tadasu Takamine's Cool Japan

Tadasu Takamine's Cool Japan
Library Shelf Location 18.TAKA
Publication Date 2012
Description Tadasu Takamine is known for a body of work that brims with both humor and a keen sense of criticality in relation to the systems of oppression and control concealed within contemporary society. Just before the outbreak of the war in Iraq in 2002, Takamine depicted the imperious power wielded by the United States and its complex structures of control and domination in his video work “God Bless America”. Ten years after this work was first exhibited, and following the disasters of March 11, 2011, Takamine finally returns to tackle the subject of his home country, Japan. The “Cool Japan” in the title of the exhibition is a catchphrase devised by the Japanese government. It is a self-branding exercise that encapsulates its active attempts to promote various forms of Japanese culture to an international audience. Takamine uses the catchphrase in ironical way to search for what has built “Japaneseness”. For this exhibition, Takamine will showcase installations in each of the galleries that draw our attention to words, slogans and images that the Japanese have unconsciously promoted, disseminated, and deployed in an oppressive way from the postwar period up until the present. These newly commissioned interactive works will offer visitors a taste of Takamine’s vision of a “Cool Japan”.
Quantity 1
Pages 102
Author Hiroshi Yoshioka
Format Paperback
Publisher Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito, Mito
Related Artist Tadasu Takamine
Category Installation
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Language English

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