Talk About Contemporary Photography

Talk About Contemporary Photography
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Publication Date Mar 2012
Description This accessible guide charts the evolution of contemporary photography from the 1960s to the present. From the refined elegance of fashion photography, to the frantic pace of photojournalism, to more traditional and purely artistic shots, photography undeniably permeates every aspect of our modern society. The wide availability of camera equipment means that just about anyone can now class themselves among the ranks of amateur photographers snapping away the world over. This engaging survey by from Elisabeth Couturier offers a fascinating insight into photographys recent evolution, charting our changing relationship with the image over the past half century. A vast range of genres, techniques and practices are explained and illustrated, providing the basis for a deeper understanding of contemporary photographys role in society. A chronology of major dates and exhibitions makes it easy to understand how and why our relationship with photography has developed, while the portraits of thirty great contemporary photographers, such as Annie Leibovitz and Hiroshi Sugimoto, offer a fascinating insight into the techniques of those at the vanguard of this very technical art form. From the still life to Japanese eroticism, portraits to cityscapes, the diverse schools and forms of photography are here brought beautifully into focus, and a glossary of key terms ensures that the novice photo enthusiast can assimilate the essential technical vocabulary. Vibrant, didactic, and fun, Talk About Photography is a must-have for every enthusiast or convert.
ISBN 9782080200976
Quantity 1
Pages 256 Pages
Author Elisabeth Couturier
Format Paperback
Publisher Flammarion
Category Photography
Language English

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