Taskmaster: 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People

Taskmaster: 220 Extraordinary Tasks for Ordinary People
Library Shelf Location 35.HORN
Publication Date 05 Sep 2019

In the TV show and on my marriage certificate, my job description is ‘Taskmaster’s Assistant’. That’s what I do and it’s an honour. I like Taskmaster a lot. And, of course, I love The Taskmaster. He’s mountainous. If you feel in any way the same as me then you should enjoy this paperback version of the official Taskmaster book.

There are tasks for you, your friends and your family. There are new tasks, secret things and sneaky tricks. And there is one swear word. So it’s almost exactly like being on the show.

Good luck. Make good choices. Let’s do Him proud.

Alex Horne
Taskmaster’s Assistant

ISBN 9781785944680
Quantity 1
Pages 352
Author Alex Horne
Format Paperback
Publisher BBC Books
Category Non-art books relating to BALTIC exhibitions
Keywords Tasks, TV show
Language English

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