Tatsuya Matsui: Flower Robotics

Tatsuya Matsui: Flower Robotics
Library Shelf Location 18.MATS
Publication Date 2007
Description This exhibition introduces the work of robot designer Tatsuya Matsui, who has developed such humanoid robots as "Posy" and "Palette." Aware of the limits of both human beings and technology, Matsui designs robots through the notion of "weakness" that he believes both human beings and machinery have, and creates a complementary relationship between the two. It is through his belief in the similarity between this relationship and flowers that he makes and develops his diverse works. The exhibition presents the activities of Matsui's studio, Flower Robotics, Inc., whose work symbolizes his ideas, and carries out development both from a scientific and technological viewpoint, as well as through the ideas of design, environment and marketing. As the robot industry is one key to Japan's future success, the exhibition attempts to build a platform where visitors can imagine a hopeful future by glimpsing the outcome and the plans of Matsui and his company.
ISBN 9784943825791
Quantity 1
Pages 79
Editors Yuu Takehisa, Toshihiro Asai
Format Cloth Bound
Publisher Arts Planning Rey Inc
Related Artist Tatsuya Matsui
Keyword Robots
Related Gallery Contemporary Art Center, Art Tower Mito
Artist's Nationality Japanese
Language English

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