Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating

Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating
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Publication Date 2013

It has become almost obligatory to introduce a book on curating by noting the plethora of recent publications on the subject. How, in just a few short years, did we reach this point of saturation? What questions, exactly, do all these books address? Many attempt to offer an overview of the curatorial field as it exists today, or attempt to map its historical trajectory. Others propose a series of case studies under a common curatorial theme. All are hoping to contribute to this relatively new discipline and its accompanying canon. Edited by Jens Hoffmann, Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating offers a real critique of existing publications and modes of thinking by explicitly asking the questions that others have missed, ignored or deemed already answered: What is a curator? What is the public? What is art? What about collecting? What is an exhibition? Why mediate art? What to do with the contemporary? What about responsibility? What is the process? How about pleasure? Here, Peter Eleey, Elena Filipovic, Juan A. Gaitan, Sofia Hernandez Chong Cuy, Maria Lind, Chus Martinez, Jessica Morgan, Adriano Pedrosa, Joao Ribas and Dieter Roelstraete each propose and then address one question. Ten Fundamental Questions of Curating takes a back-to-basics approach--a return to a kind of zero-degree state--at a time when a recalibration of what a curator is and does seems both necessary and urgent.

ISBN 9788867490530
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Pages 144p; 16.1 x 1.1 x 24.1 cm
Editor Jens Hoffmann
Format Paperback
Publisher Mousse Publishing
Category Museum/Gallery Studies
Language English

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